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According to the National Census 2011 of National Statistic, Nepal 1.94% are all kind of people with disability. In Nepal the total population is almost 28,962,413. In the total population; male 49.6%, female 50.4 % and among them 34.6% are children. According to this percent the total numbers of disability in Nepal is about 561,871 and among them the children with disabilities are 194,408. Above mention data is first time prepared by Nepal Government although the specialist and concern organization is under estimating over the disability data.

According to the “first time sample survey – 1981” of Wold Health Organization (WHO), 10% people have disability in Nepal. Similarly, “A Situation Analysis of Disability - 2001” by UNICEF / New Era showed the same data of disability in Nepal. If this is a fact data, the disability population is approx. 3 million among the 3 billion total population in Nepal.

The mostly people of disability are in poor family and affecting to holistic development due to difficult geographical situation, negative social vision, instability of political situation and lack of commitment by the party and political leaders.

Likewise, there are 75 Village Development Committees (VDCs) and 5 Municipality in Kavrepalanchok district. According to woman and children office, Kavre, 8,150 people with disability have got already disability identification card and tentative 7000 still remains. The office claims that 15 thousand people are all kind of people with disability in Kavre District. Among them the number of children with disability (CWDs) is about 5,151.

According to District Health Office and concern organizations, the study showed that the Kavre district is highly pesticide using district in agriculture all over the Nepal. Due to the problem of pesticide in agriculture, resulted the mental retardation on children and new born babies. Latest study of Pragya Chakshu Balbatika tentative 1,000 numbers of mentally retarded children are waiting for care and special training centre in community level. Mostly such children in discriminated and back warded community like Dalit and indigenous community. Some children 3 - 4 are in same family. Guardian have to expend their time to care them in spite of income activities. So, they are going to vast poverty range.

To reduce this problem, we are going to establish a special care centre for the disabled children and vocational training for their family. Therefore, I would like to request you and your organization to support fund to this program.

Yagya Dulal
(Chair Person)
Pragya Chakshu Balbatika
Email: ypdulal@pcb.org.np, sdulal2@gmail.com

Map of Kavre Distric

Kavre VDC and Municipalty
Image source: District Development Committee Office, Kavrepalanchowk, Nepal

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